PALL is the world's leading manufacturer of filters and filtration equipment for the food and beverage industry. In our sales programme, we offer specialized filters and filter systems for beer filtration in all stages of production technology.

Filter sheets and modules


Pall-Seitz filter sheets
Pall-Seitz filter sheets are cellulose-based depth filters. Filter sheets are divided into two types:

  • SEITZ-K filter sheets: This type of sheets is used to filter wine, clear juices, water, extracts, spirits, and for the rest of the food industry.
  • Sheets SEITZ-PERMADUR/D400: Special support sheets are intended for filtration of beer with the help of diatomaceous earth (KG). They are intended for reuse – after filtration KG is removed from the sheets, the sheets are washed and preserved. Sheets are usually double in length and are folded over the stainless-steel support filter plates when used. Filter sheets type SEITZ-BS are sheets of different dimensions (40 × 40, 60 × 60 100 × 100) and porosity. They are intended for clarifying filtration of beer after filtration with KG and before bottling or for removing the remaining yeast in the beer.

Supradisc and Supradisc II filter modules
Filtration through modules is considered a more modern way of filtration, as an alternative to the classic filter sheet filter.
The filtration system is identical to the sheet filtration, with the difference that the filter sheets are in the form of a filter module, which is easily and quickly installed in the filter housing similar to housings for filter cartredges. There are two dimensions of filter modules, namely:
  • 12” filter with a diameter of 293 mm with 32 filter sheets and a total filtration area of 1.8 m2.2In practice, this means exactly 13 filter sheets of 40 × 40 cm.
  • larger, 16” filter module with a diameter of 410 mm, which contains 40 filter sheets and has an area of 5.0 m2,2which is exactly 40 filter sheets of 40 × 40 cm.

Compared to the classic sheet filtration, the SUPRAdisc module has the following advantages:
  • closed filtration system, which means less product loss and reduced oxidation,
  • very easy and fast installation of the module (similar to filter cartridge housings),
  • the possibility of regeneration and backwashing of the modules and thus extending the shelf-life of the filters,
  • easy conservation of modules after filtration.

Suprapak module filters
Compared to classic filter sheets, Pall offers you a new patented PALL SUPRApak filtration system, where the filter sheet is wound in the form of a spiral on the module. Compared to the classic filter sheet filtration where the liquid passes perpendicular to the filter sheet, in the new SUPRApak modules, the liquid passes through the sheet along its entire length, which allows a significantly larger amount of product to be filtered through the module.

In addition, compared to the sheet filter, the module is installed in a closed housing, which provides many advantages:
  • Easy and fast installation or replacement of the module.
  • Closed filtration system and thus less product loss (no dripping).
  • Reduced oxidation due to a closed system, as the filter can be filled with inert gas before filtration.
  • Significantly higher total amount of filtered product.
  • Possibility of rinsing and regeneration of the module after the completion of the filtration cycle.
  • Possibility of conservation and reuse.

In case you are interested in test filtration, we can provide you with a free test housing.

Filter cartridges


Regardless of the type and quality of the precoat filter, it is always necessary to remove particles of kieselguhr earth after KG filtration. For this purpose, we use special filter cartridges type Pall NEXIS T with a nominal porosity of 10 µm. The mentioned type of cartridges represents a compromise between quality and price, and they are also distinguished by a large total flow.

Filtration systems


Filtration with filtration systems has expanded in brewing mainly due to more optimal use of energy sources and reduced labour needs. With the help of such systems, we achieve effective clarity and stability of the beer.

Profi system
The system consists of a centrifuge and a hollow fibre filtration membrane system. The system enables clarification of beer with reduced energy and labour consumption, as required for conventional clarification with the help of kieselguhr earth. The Profi system is intended for breweries with annual capacities from 400,000 hl to 1,300,000 hl of beer. For smaller breweries, the Profi Craft system is also available, suitable for breweries with an annual production of 15,000 to 250,000 hl of beer.

CBS system
Cold beer filtration system just before bottling. The system was developed with the aim of effectively removing beer spoilers before bottling. The system consists of sets of membranes for pre-filtration and final (sterile) filtration before bottling. The system helps to save energy and water compared to pasteurization.



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