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Commerce was established in 1952 as an import-export company in Ljubljana.

In a relatively short period since its establishment, the company’s core business was defined as the commercial representation of established Western companies and the import of their products to the market of former Yugoslavia. In the first 30 years of its operation, Commerce represented and helped enter the Yugoslav market to about 100 foreign companies that recognized Commerce as a reliable business partner. Among the mentioned companies, there are also well-known ones, such as: Bomag, Rohm&Haas, Semperit, Siegling, Ciba Geigy, Seitz, Rank Xerox, Robert Bosch, Philips, Enka Glanzstoff.

The beginning of the 1990s was marked by political changes and in connection with them, market conditions also became very unfavourable, which led to Commerce’s operations being limited mainly to Slovenia. In order to adapt to the new situation, Commerce was reorganized and in 1997, it was transformed into a joint stock company.

The process of globalization and the complex state of the world economy, which marked the period after the year 2000, also affected Commerce’s operations. The joint stock company Commerce focused on the management of its assets and in August 2005, the company transferred its trade activity or representation to its subsidiary Commerce trgovina d.o.o., which successfully expanded its activities to the markets of the countries that emerged from the former Yugoslavia and the markets of other South-Eastern European countries, with the exception of Greece.

Limited liability company Commerce trgovina is a professional, organized, and flexible company that represents manufacturers of high-quality machines, equipment, and materials in the markets of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria, and Albania as a distributor or agent. Through its activities, it provides the companies it represents a regular presence with important customers and a constant search for new potential customers, while providing customers with access to standard products and the latest technological and technical innovations at competitive prices and professional advice on their use or development of new products derived from their use.

The company’s vision is to provide itself and its business partners a long-term leading market position with the help of quality work and active search for new opportunities, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


A correct relationship between the company and its partners (customers, principals, suppliers, owners, employees, and the wider society) is the most reliable way to ensure the mutual satisfaction of all participants in business processes. The employees of the company contribute to the aforementioned mutual satisfaction through their professional work.

The company regularly monitors its operations, the operations of customers, principals and suppliers, and the state of the economy and the economy on the markets of the countries it covers in Europe and the world, so that they can react in a timely and appropriate manner to trends and possible anomalies.


zastopanje, posredovanje in svetovanje d.o.o.

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