Coarse filtration


For coarse filtration, we offer various static sieves and self-cleaning filters for high-capacity water filtration.

Self-cleaning filters


Self-cleaning filters are an efficient and continuous way to remove coarse particles from liquids. The porosity of the filter cartridge is determined by the kind and type of particles. Continuous filtration is enabled by specific technology, which removes particles out of filter cartridge that accumulate on the sieve. Such filtration method is suitable for high capacity filtration of liquids with a smaller content of larger particles.

Ultrasonic systems to prevent algal growth


In the field of prevention of algae growth, we represent the company LG Sonic, which produces systems based on the principle of ultrasound, which prevents the growth and reproduction of algae. A well-defined ultrasound wavelength affects the buoyancy of algae. Under the influence of ultrasound, algae are unable to float to the surface and as a result, photosynthesis is disrupted, resulting in an inability to reproduce.

The systems can be used on:

  • Water towers and reservoirs.
  • Thermal accumulation lakes and waters.
  • Surface waters.

Hydraulic presses for sludge compaction


High-pressure hydraulic presses of the BUCHER HPS type are intended for pressing various industrial and municipal sludges with a capacity of 100 to 800 kg of dry matter/h.


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