The company Chromservis s.r.o. was founded in 1989 as a consulting company, and in 1990 it was transformed into a trading company focused on the supply of equipment in the field of chromatography.

In recent years, the company has developed strongly and focused on the distribution of products from the world's leading manufacturers in the field of laboratory instruments and accessories, equipment for measurement and control in industrial plants, equipment for protecting people and technology from dangerous gases, equipment for sampling and processing, extraction and cleaning.

In 2020, Chromservis started manufacturing its own chromatographic columns and sample preparation products. For this purpose, it has a development and production laboratory, including product quality control. At the same time, Chromservis collaborates with the Institute of Chemical Technology, Charles University in Prague and FaF Charles University in Hradec Králové in the development of new stationary phases and their application in the field of HPLC. New brands ARION, ASTRA and CHROMSHELL were launched.

In 2022, the company was awarded the highest credit rating by Dun & Bradstreet, making it one of the most reliable companies in the Czech Republic.



Explore the new line Arion HPLC columns and discover its advantages:

Strict quality control:

Careful monitoring of alkali and metal content already during silica gel production ensures top quality

Uniform particle and pore size:

A narrow particle and pore size distribution allows for more accurate separation and reproducible results

Unique production process:

The manufacturing process developed for Arion columns ensures high reproducibility between individual production runs, giving you consistent results

High stability at elevated temperatures:

The columns maintain their efficiency even at higher temperatures, which enables operation with more demanding samples and mobile phases

By choosing the Arion line of HPLC columns, you are opting for superior quality, precision and reproducibility of results.


Extremely even distribution of particles:

Arion particles have a very narrow size and shape distribution and are very close to perfect spheres in shape. This enables high separation power and separation reproducibility

The unique spherical shape of silica

The spherical shape of the silica particles is unique. The uniformity and smoothness of the surface enables better compaction in HPLC columns, which in turn ensures superior resolution and reproducibility of chromatography

In short, Arion quality means superior resolution and reliable results every time you use it.


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Chromshell represents an extension of Arion phases in the field of core-shell technology (SPP, Superficially-Porous Particles).
The columns contain extremely high purity silica with a particle diameter of 2.6 µm.

  • Ultrapure silica with low metal content
  • The maximum operating pressure is 600 bar
  • Temperature stability up to 90 °C




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